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Who are we?

We are a company specializing in instrumentation in process automation, factory automation as well as home automation. We believe in automation and process optimization by not trying constantly reinventing the wheel, but adapting good ideas and processes from other industries.
The network with our partners, covering more than 50 years of experience in level, flow, pressure, temperature, etc. | Trained and educated in worldwide leading process automation companies, we want to pass on our knowledge and experience.
Our creativity and passion for technology, curiosity for process details, enthusiasm for analysis allows us to discover and explore new ways as a reliable partner.
Our experience in the field of HR (Human Resource ) appear to our customers as very positive as we act cautious but at the same time determining. The collected knowhow through practical work experience is highly advanced which is highly appreciated by our customers. The flexibility and speed are a key competitive advantage of our actions and activities.

We are looking forward for contacting us.

... for sustainable and future success

The success of a company is determined not only by innovative products. The interplay between development, production, controlling, sales and marketing plays a crucial role for a successful future.
Product developments must be matched to the current and especially future market requirements. Therefore, a forward looking sales process is extremely important so that product management is able to coordinate future products combined to actual market demands. A detailed market analysis is not just for the product specification but also for capacity planning in production. Here, it is also important that the production facility participates during the development process, so that the production of a new product is highly efficient and effective.
Most important, however, the management must inform and involve the employees early for the future direction of the company. By doing so, the motivation and commitment of each individual is not lost and always on the highest level.

... more than 15 years experience in Process Automation

Over 15 years of experience in process and factory automation, we are happy to pass.

Through activities in worldwide leading companies, deep insights into product management, business development, as well as employee development could be collected.

We are not only a usual consultant with analysis of processes during workshops and meetings, but also offer our labor in order to assist you in your daily business operations. This approach enables a sustainable knowledge transfer so that your investment achieves highest returns. Ideas but also problems experienced during direct contact with your employees gathers valuable information which are used for a common solution finding process.

... we increase your turnover

Due to globalization, a surplus of production capacity was created. All countries compete with similar products among themselves. New products are copied within a very short time, or at least recreated with similar features.
Therefore, the future of a company depends mainly due to the success in sales. If no sales growth can be achieved, less investment in different areas of activities can take place, so that competitors can be more successful with new technologies or improving processes. We believe in the philosophy that no progress will result in regression, so that the company will sooner or later be overtaken by the competition.
Sales in B2B is very strong emotionally controlled, the first contact is crucial. We offer for example to acquire new customers for you, so that your customer database continues to grow. By means of telephone campaigns we try to attract additional customers. Practical experiences in e-Commerce support us using the internet as a new source for customer contacts.

... your helping hand

Products in process automation are becoming increasingly complex. It requires highly trained service personnel for the commissioning of a product to be able to operate reliably. Unfortunately, the service is no longer seen as a springboard for future careers because, as the name suggests, you have to solve problems for the customer.
We see a strategic importance in technical support services. Only in case of problems at customer important information and awareness can flow into future product developments. The analysis of the problem often results in new ideas for the future. Discussions at customer allow identifying the needs of tomorrow. We are happy to support you against any wind and weather.
Worldwide experiences directly at the customer have developed a corresponding sensitivity, so that we are always welcome.

... our own practical experience

The Internet has changed the world and our behavior style in no time. Continuous developments in the IT industry make it increasingly difficult to stay on up to date. In addition, the continuously growing flood of information burdens the people, so it's hard to keep track.
We try solving this dilemma with the approach staying up to date with practical experiences. We operate our own e-Commerce online web shop, so that important information is collected daily and our knowhow growing sustainably.
Has the internet mainly used in the past by private users for shopping, B2C - Business to Consumer, etc. now the awareness of B2B - Business to Business Solutions is trendy.
We support you in these activities with our experience and network, so that a tailor-made e-commerce platform can be built. We support you in SEO, banner advertising, CTR, ...
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